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Holistic therapist specialising in Energetic Healing & Kinesiology based in Totnes, Devon

My name is Kay Avalon and I’m a holistic therapist who uses Kinesiology  to aid people’s journey to good health and wellness. Please see my video production, below.

Until further notice, I am offering remote Kinesiology sessions only. I have found the energetic connection through Skype just as strong as “In Person” treatments. I dowse with my crystal pendants, (and also finger dowse), to scan through lists of issues and remedies, after which a tailored regime is written for you to follow.

During a session, (after balancing my own energies), I connect to my client’s energy and a treatment plan emerges. This may involve taking a food supplement, saying affirmations, energetic rebalancing with codes or crystals, vibrational formulas to work on an emotional level, and so on. The important thing to remember is the connection I have with you, gives me a message direct from You to Me  – putting you in the driving seat of your health and wellbeing. Sessions are by Skype and you should allow up to an hour. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable chair. There will be times when I ask you to close your eyes to receive healing, or maybe drink some water. Other than that, it is a case of following the regime that you “Channel” through me, via the energetic connection.

Kinesiology is a wonderful booster – you don’t need to have an issue or problem. It is a balancer – so if you need an uplift, that is what you are likely to gain, if you need a sense of calm or a reboot, same again!

My clients have found the treatments useful for a wide range of issues, from depression through to digestive problems.

Often, people I see have tried a number of therapies before they come to me. Kinesiology tends to hit the right spot, as it is acting on information coming directly from you, without the influence of your conscious mind. It is like your body is talking to me!

DISCLAIMER  – Please note that this site makes no claim to treat or cure any disorder and we do not indicate to you that any therapy mentioned here should replace any medical or professional attention/advice you may require.  

Please see the About section of this site to gain a better understanding of Kinesiology, what it involves and how you may find it useful on your journey to emotional and physical balance.


“I had an amazing experience today in the way of a Kinesiology treatment by the lovely Kay Avalon. A very intuitive lady with the work she does. Feeling very calm and very light in body and mind.”

Dawn Hall – April 13th 2017

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