What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle, relatively non-invasive therapy which uses a system of muscle testing to gain information from a patient’s body and mind about where an imbalance may occur in the mind or body and which healing tools and techniques would be appropriate to bring the patient back into balance.

George Goodheart, a famous chiropractor, popularised Kinesiology, when he discovered that there was a relationship between the muscles and the body organs, which meant muscle testing was more effective than just the chiropractor route alone, for finding issues in the body. In short, the patient’s mind will convey information through their muscles to the therapist.

Kinesiology is now offered remotely to my clients.

When offered face-to-face, a client receives kinesiology laid on a couch and a system of light, gentle muscle-testing would take place. The muscle response would show either weak or strong in response to a question, test phial, imbalance etc and consequently also shows the way forward to correct the imbalance in the client. Many “scan lists” are used, covering common issues that can trigger issues in the mind or body.

The client is given a sheet of information, including a list of any remedies or health supplements their treatment has pinpointed, to aid their healing journey, plus a brief overview of the areas explored in the session. They also have the opportunity to ask any questions before the session ends.



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“I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me. I have a new lease of life”

Jill E – March 2016
Nailsea, UK

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