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If you are struggling with motivation, reaching goals, feeling blocked, relationship issues, etc, Spiritual Mentoring, (Life coaching incorporating downloads from Spirit and advice from the Tarot), may really help you move forwards.

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“Thank you for this reading! It provided a positive way to look at the negative emotions I have been feeling. I have actually been getting little hints from the universe, and your reading reinforced a lot of those hints and pointed me in the right direction. I really need to focus on being happy on my own, finding the things in life that make my heart feel full without a man and that’s my plan. This reading resonated with me! Thanks again!”

Alissa – April 18th 2017
United States Minor Outlying Islands

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Please note that a Reading/Spiritual Mentoring, is undertaken with full understanding that the reader cannot guarantee any outcomes and that their work is part of a scientific experiment to attempt to prove the continuity of life and links to the higher self consciousness.

It is strongly suggested that you follow the spiritual principle “Personal Responsibility” and despite the outcome of any Reading/Mentoring you choose to receive, you will be personally and legally, responsible for all of your actions.

 Readings are for entertainment purposes only. You will need to declare that you are over 18 years of age before any reading can take place and understand that this reading is not a replacement for any necessary medical intervention/counselling/professional therapy or advice you may currently need or have been professionally advised to undertake. Please note that a Reader has the right to refuse to read for anybody they consider to be in a vulnerable state .