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Tarot Testimonials

“Thank you for this reading! It provided a positive way to look at the negative emotions I have been feeling. I have actually been getting little hints from the universe, and your reading reinforced a lot of those hints and pointed me in the right direction. I really need to focus on being happy on my own, finding the things in life that make my heart feel full without a man and that’s my plan. This reading resonated with me! Thanks again!”

Alissa – April 18th 2017
United States Minor Outlying Islands

“This reader took the time to really read for my situation, although timing is perfect the cards rang true as my husband just got an offer for a permanent position with higher pay after 2 months. With that specific reading, I felt that this reader is genuine and not just spam. Thank you sooo much as this is good news that helps keep my husband and my hopes up. Thank you Kay”

Jenni Escobar – April 11th 2017
United States

“FACT- I asked for a reading and by the time I received it, what she said WAS HAPPENING! Thank you Kay!”

Kerri – April 11th 2017

“Picked up on some things very well. The reading was informative and she did a great job :)”

Jordan – April 11th 2017
United States

Kinesiology Testimonials

“I would like to say a very big Thank you for introducing me to Kinesiology. I haven’t felt this well for a long time”

Lee – April 26th 2017
Paignton, UK

“I had an amazing experience today in the way of a Kinesiology treatment by the lovely Kay Avalon. A very intuitive lady with the work she does. Feeling very calm and very light in body and mind. “

Dawn Hall – April 13th 2017

“I thought I would share a lovely therapist I have just come across who has recently moved to Totnes. Kay Avalon from Home Arome practices Kinesiology amongst other things. This afternoon I had a totally informative and relaxing session with her. I used to drive down to Plympton for Kinesiology so it is great to find someone much closer.”

Julie Harrison – July 2016
Paignton, UK

Radio Interviews

Interview with Ruth Wiltshire on Bradley Stoke Radio FM: “Learn how Electromagnetic Radiation Can Affect  Us, Animals and Plants”

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